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Maps and Flyers


If you'd like to receive the printed copy of one of the items bellow, please contact our office and we will mail it to you.

Map of the West Bank Settlements

The Interactive Map and iphone App - including data and information on each settlement and more

2011 Mapa de los asentamientos en la Margen Occidental

May 12, 2011 | Our popular settlement map translated into Spanish

Map of Settlements in the West Bank- 2011

May, 2011 | Continued Construction in the West Bank: Debunking the Myths and Giving You the Facts

6 Facts about Hebron

April 2011 | Peace Now’s Latest Flyer – Is being distributed nationally in Hebrew – “Get to Know the Facts about Hebron!”

West Bank and Jerusalem Map - 2011

June 2011 | The settlements: The biggest threat to the two-state solution