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Gilad Farm




Established: 2002

Distance from Green Line: 12.5 km

Outside of Separation Barrier

The outpost contains 19 trailers and 2 permanent structures.

According to the settlers claims, the land is privately owned by Moshe Zar, whose son Gilad was murdered by Palestinians, and since the murder this outpost was erected in his son's name.
To date we are unable to confirm or deny the claims of landownership by the settlers.

Statement about the outpost in the Sasson Report which was published in March 2005:
Date established: July 2003.
The closest settlement:  Kdumim, at a distance of about 1.5 km from one of Kdumim’s closest neighborhoods as the crow flies.
Government or Minister of Defense approval for its establishment: None.
Nature of land rights: Private land (Kfar Far’ata).  An appeals committee decided to register the land under the name of the “Har va-Gai” Company but the registration has yet to be completed (the measurements requested by the Staff Lands Officer have yet to be submitted).
Body which allocated the land: None.
Planning status:  None.  A plan which has been submitted for permit will only be considered after the above land registration has been completed.
Jurisdiction: None. Beyond the jurisdiction of the Shomron Regional Council; beyond the boundaries of the settlement.
No. of inhabitants:  A few families and a number of single persons (exact number unknown). 
Type of construction:  7 caravans; 3 containers; 2 bus frames connected by an awning; a generator; 2 tin cabins; a stable.
Body financing the establishment: 
Connection to electricity grid: None
Connection to water system: 

Comparison of aerial photos - May 2001 (left) and May 2007 (right)