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Emil Grunzweig


אמיל גרינצוויג בליל הרצח. צילום: ורדי כהנא
Emil Grunzweig, in the Demonstration in which he was assassinated.   Photo: Vardi Kahana
Emil Grunzweig, a key activist in Peace Now, was murdered on February 10, 1983 during a demonstration that set out from Zion Square and moved towards Prime Ministers' Office in Jerusalem.
At this demonstration, Peace Now demanded from Menachem Begin, then Prime Minister, to adopt the Kahan Committee's recommendations. The committee (which investigated the Sabra and Shatila transgressions) had criticized the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chief of Staff, but did not find them fully responsibility for their deeds. On the other hand, it did demand the dismissal of the Minister of Defense and two officers that were responsible for the massacre.
Because Begin did not immediately declare endorsement of the recommendations – Peace Now decided to hold a demonstration.
The demonstration that was surrounded by a right-wing, hostile and violent crowd, moved towards the Prime Minister's Office among shouting, cursing, pushing and hitting.
Emil Grunzweig was murdered by a grenade thrown by Yona Avrushmi, a right-wing activist.
Emil Grunzweig was murdered as a result of a wild incitement from the right.