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Beit El East




Parental Settlement: Beit El

Established: 2001

Distance from Green Line: 13.5 km

Outside of Separation Barrier


The outpost is located outside the boundaries of the parent settlement, and the bulke of outpost is situated within the safety ring of the settlement.

It has approximately 18 structures and is inhabited.

Statement about the outpost in the Sasson Report which was published in March 2005:
Name of outpost in the report: East of cemetery - Near Beit El - Tel Haim A
Date established: November 2000.
The closest settlement:  Beit El, at a distance of 450 m as the crow flies.
Government or Minister of Defense approval for its establishment: None.
Nature of land rights:  Private Palestinian land.
Body which allocated the land: None.
Planning status: None.
Jurisdiction: None.
Number of inhabitants: 16 families.
Type of construction:  18 caravans.
Body financing the establishment: The Ministry of Housing and Construction financed infrastructures in the amount of 300,000 NIS.
Connection to electricity grid: No request submitted.
Connection to water system: