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May 2001                                                                May 2007


Parental Settlement: The Regional Council Har Hevron

Established: 2002

Outside of Separation Barrier


The outpost is located outside the boundaries of its parent settlement and contains 8 structures.

Statement about the outpost in the Sasson Report which was published in March 2005:
Name of outpost in the report: Asa'el - Yatir North
Date established: October 2001.
The closest settlement from its furthest house: Shim’a, at a distance of over 3 km as the crow flies.
Government or Minister of Defense approval for its establishment: None.
Nature of land rights: State lands.
Body which allocated the land: Allocation agreement with the Zionist Histadrut from June 1992 to April 2036.
Planning status:  Part of the outpost lies within the scope of the approved plan for a water tower and a caravan structure (for a forester’s house but not for the outpost).
Jurisdiction: Har Hebron Regional Council.  The outpost lies beyond Shim’a’s jurisdiction.
No. of inhabitants:  7 families, approx. 20 persons (June 2004).
Type of construction:  7 caravans; a water tower; a generator; lighting and a perimeter road.
Body financing the establishment: The Ministry of Housing and Construction provided 150,000 NIS.
Connection to electricity grid: No request submitted.
Connection to water system:
An eviction order was frozen by the Minister of Defense.