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6 Facts about Hebron


April 2011 | Peace Now’s Latest Flyer – Is being distributed nationally in Hebrew – “Get to Know the Facts about Hebron!”


  • Hebron is one of the cities holy to Jews and Moslems, where our common forefathers -- Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sara, Rebecca and Leah -- are buried. Jews lived in Hebron for centuries. Most of the time under Muslim rule.
  • In the riots of 1929, Palestinian residents of the area murdered 66 Jewish residents of Hebron and wounded more than 100. The lives of other Jewish families were saved by Palestinian neighbors who risked their lives to give them shelter.
  • In 1968 settlers received permission from the government to celebrate Passover in Hebron. After the holiday they refused to leave and stayed in Hebron and Kiryat Arba (built in 1970) to this day.
  • Hebron is the second biggest city in the West Bank, after East Jerusalem. It has 177,000 Palestinian residents and about 800 settlers.
  • On Purim 1994, Baruch Goldstein of Kiryat Arba committed a massacre in the Cave of the Patriarchs. 26 Muslim worshipers were murdered. Since then, to defend the settlers, hundreds of stores, markets and streets in central Hebron were closed to Palestinians.
  • Israel maintains a radical policy of separation between the Jewish and Palestinian population in Hebron. About 18 checkpoints are deployed on the streets of the old city of Hebron, preventing the passage of Palestinian cars and pedestrians


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