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The Voting Patterns of the Settlers



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Main Findings:

  • The settler population constitutes 4.14% of the electorates in Israel, equaling 5 Members of Knesset (MKs) out of 120.
  • 11 MKs (9%) of the 120 newly elected Knesset Members, reside in the settlements. 5 are members of the “Likud Beitenu” party, a composition of the “Likud” party, headed by PM Netanyahu and by “Israel Beitenu” party, headed by Avigdor Liberman (who himself lives in the settlement of Nokdim); 5 are members of the “Bait Hayehudi” (“The Jewish Home”) party led by Naftali Bennet; 1 is a member of  “Yesh Atid” party, led by former journalist Yair Lapid.
  • The voter turnout among the settlers was slightly over 83%, higher than the national average of 67.6%.
  • The most popular party among the setters was the “Bait Hayehudi” party, with nearly 28% of the votes, over 3 times higher than the 9% support the party received among the general Israeli public.
  • The second most popular party in the settlements was the “Likud Beitenu” party with 21% of the votes, however lower than its national 23% support.
  • The ultraorthodox parties received an accumulated support of almost 28% (“Yahadut Hatora” – 17.1%; “Shas” – 9.5%), significantly higher than the 15% votes received by the general public.
  • “Otzma LeIsrael” (“Might to Israel”) party, the successor of the racist Kahane movement, received 7.4% among the settler votes, well over the 1.7% received by the general public (which didn’t pass the 2% election threshold).
  • The vote among the setters for the Centrist parties of “Yesh Atid” and “Kadima” was 6.5% and 0.7% respectively, lower than the national voter turnout of 14.2% and 2.1% respectively.
  • The Labor party was supported by 3.4% of the voters from the settlements, less than a third of its national result which was 11.4%.
  • The politically dovish parties of “HaTnua” and “Meretz”, which during their elections campaign emphasized the two state solution and the need for negotiations that would evidently lead to evacuation of settlements, received 2.2% among the settlers, lower than the 9.6% received among the general public. “Hantnua” party received 1.4% among settlers, less than the 5% received by the general public, while the support for “Meretz” stood at 0.7% among the settlers, less than the 4.6% received by the general public.


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         The Election Results in Settlements and in Israel: