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Summary of Year 2012 in Settlements



The following report is of settlement activity in 2012 (East Jerusalem excluded). 
For a full analysis and data of the 4 years of the Netanyahu Government see here.


A.      In 2012 - At least 1,747 new housing units in the settlements

Over a third of the construction, 635 housing units (36.4%) was constructed in isolated settlements, east of the approved route of the Separation Barrier. Additional 481 housing units (27.5%) were built in settlements that are located in the area between the built Barrier and the approved route of the Barrier (which is planned but was not built). The remaining 631 housing units (36.1%) were built west of the already-built Separation Barrier.

Construction starts, examples:


Housing Units



Kfar Eldad




Alei Zahav








*The data of the construction starts in the settlements is based on Peace Now’s count (aerial photos and field visits). The data is not yet complete and includes most of the settlements, not all. The complete numbers, when concluded, are expected to be higher.


B.In 2012 - Approvals for promotion of plans for 6,676 housing units

The Minister of Defense approved the Higher Planning Council to discuss and promote construction plans for 6,676 housing units in the settlements. 6.5% (434 housing units) of the plans were in settlements located west of the built Separation Barrier. Additional 24.6% (1,642 housing units) were east of the approved route of the Barrier. The remaining 68.9% (4,600 housing units) were in settlements located between the established barrier and the approved route of the Barrier. In comparison, during 2011 the Minister of Defense approved plans for 1,607 housing units and in years 2010 and 2009 only a few hundreds of housing units.

The plans are in different stages of approval, some in the depositing phase, some are awaiting the final approval and some have already got the final approval and are published as valid.


Plans that were approved in 2012 (at different stages), examples:


Housing Units




Including legalization of illegal constructions



Plan for 675 housing units, of which 137 are already built.

Beit El


Two different plans



Plan for 200 housing units, of which 30 are already built, and another 84 units for guest houses






New settlement in Bethlehem area



In 2011, 625 additional housing units were approved at Shilo


C.      Tenders for 762 housing units + 1,048 housing units in upcoming tenders

In addition to the 762 housing units that were published in tenders during 2012, the Ministry of Housing and Construction published a list of upcoming tenders that include 1,048 housing units in settlements. Some of them are in isolated settlements and even east of the Barrier. For example: Adam, 106 housing units; Imanuel, 102 housing units; Karnei Shomron, 108 housing units; Efrat, 167 housing units (in addition to the 287 that were published in Efrat in previous two years).


D.      4 New illegal outposts

For the first time since 2005, 4 new outposts were established in the West Bank: Nahlei Tal (North West of Ramallah), Tzofim North (North of Qalqilya); Nahalat Yosef (Nablus area, near the Alon Moreh settlement); Hill 573 (East of Itamar settlement, a continuation of the outposts’ expansion east wards. 1.5 kilometers east of the outpost “hilltop 777”).


E.       Establishment of 10 new settlements by authorizing illegal outposts

For the first time since the Shamir government in the early 1990’s, the Netanyahu government has decided to establish 10 new settlements by legalizing illegal outposts: 4 settlements were established as independent settlements through a government decision (Sansana, Bruchin, Rehelim and Nofei Nehemya) and 6 were recognized as “neighborhoods” of already established settlements (Tal Menashe, Shvut Rachel, Mitzpe Eshtamoa, Givaat Sal’it, Elmatan and the new site of Migron that was built for the evacuated settlers from the Migron outpost).


F.       317 Housing units were built in illegal outposts

Nearly 20% of the construction in the settlements in 2012 was in illegal outposts. Of the 317 housing units that were built in the outposts, 106 housing units were built as permanent homes, in addition to 156 housing units that were built as prefab or mobile homes. The blooming of illegal construction in the outposts (as well as in the settlements) is a direct result of the new official policy of the government declared at the High Court of Justice. This policy states no intentions of enforcing the law over settler construction, and in cases of illegal construction, efforts will be made in order to legalize it retroactively (except for cases where the construction is on private land).

For example, in the outpost of Kida, east of Shilo, 17 new buildings (of which 10 are permanent buildings) were established; at the outpost of Ibei Hanahal 22 homes were added; at Avigayil, southern Hebron hills, 13 buildings were constructed; at Derech Ha’avot, near Bethlehem, 16 new permanent houses were built; and at Gilad Farm, near Nablus, 20 new houses were built.



A Permanent home in the illegal outpost of Derech Ha'avot, near Bethlehem

Permanent homes in the Illegal outpost of Alonei Shilo

A new illegal outpost: Nahalat Yossef, near Nablus

Alei Zahav settlement: before and after

The settlement of Bracha, near Nablus

The settlement of Nerya, Near Ramallah